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Today's Rates

Indian Rupee

270.01 INR

United States Dollar

3.24 USD

Arab Emirates Dirham

11.96 AED

Qatari Rial

11.81 QAR

Australian Dollar

4.93 AUD

Bahamian Dollar

3.24 BSD

Armenia Dram

1314.06 AMD

Aruban florin

5.86 AWG

Angolan kwanza

2713.28 AOA

Bahrain Dinar

1.22 BHD

Azerbaijan Manat

5.50 AZN

Bolivian Boliviano

22.33 BOB

Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark

5.89 BAM

Algerian Dinar

438.16 DZD

Bangladeshi taka

359.39 BDT

Afghan afghani

225.13 AFN

Albanian lek

304.20 ALL

Barbadian Dollar

6.54 BBD

Argentine Peso

1175.51 ARS

Belize dollar

6.53 BZD

Belarussian Ruble

9.33 BYN

Botswana Pula

44.15 BWP
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Rates are updated every 24 hours. Rates are indicative and subject to change. Contact our nearest branch for the latest rates.